ASMA (Come along Mothers)

India is home to one-third of the 10 million child brides in the world. When girls are forced to marry at 14 years and younger, they are physically, economically and sexually bound to strangers they have never seen.

They have no voice or say in the matter, no negotiating power, and no rights of refusal or choice in their sexual relations with their new husband. Girls must be empowered by their education to speak up when they are abused, protest unwanted advances and protect themselves, and to demand their right to bodily integrity and respect in and outside of their homes.

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti is addressing communities and teaching them to value their daughters for more than the sexual, domestic and reproductive labor they provide. We are educating the women of the house so that she can raise her daughters with integrity and aware of her rights.

ASMA is a women empowerment program which provides education and skills in English, Computer and Basic Financial skills. It also builds self-esteem and confidence.

Our initiative aims to promote mother’s learning to bring enhancement in children learning the level, and also narrowing down the digital gap by providing them with computer literacy.

We provide them with workshops of money conversation to help them become financially independent and give them language training. We work on their belief developed by age-old society norms training them to be just a homemaker.

We are also providing them to apply for jobs or open their small-scale business, to help them in enhancing their self-worth and mainstreaming them as an active decision maker in family and society

Economic Background: Women from different walks of life join us. Form underprivileged (domestic workers, laborers) to lower middle class and middle class. They are illiterate, semi literate or need to upgrade their knowledge.

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